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What People are Saying

Jasmin you have no idea how much of an inspiration you have been to us since we attended your classes and private lessons. I appreciated your positive comments, your support, and the knowledge you shared about painting, color combinations, value and shape.

Your teaching method is exceptional. We loved your sense of humor, your passion and expertise. Thank you for being so sweet and patient with us.

- Sheryl


About Jasmin's Art Studio

Jasmin’s Art Studio is a modern, cozy art studio in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. It is filled with her creative kids’ art projects. A huge variety of art supplies offers the right mix for every child with their personal skills and interests.

Jasmin’s unique studio, her love for children and art, and her positive attitude make this studio a lovely, happy place. Jasmin strives to enhance the creative energy that children hold in a welcoming, inspiring atmosphere. Doing art in this environment makes kids feel comfortable to draw, paint, explore and create. Safe and non-judgmental art classes boost their confidence and self-esteem and make them proud and happy.

All classes focus on drawing, coloring, and painting skills, self-expression, and exploring different media. Every artwork created at Jasmin’s Art Studio has a unique touch. Kids are encouraged to use their own imagination to finish their projects. Each of her student's artwork is a masterpiece of its own. Small classes enable Jasmin to provide plenty attention to each child.

Jasmin's Art Studio

What People are Saying


Just wanted to tell you how amazing your private art session was. You are a beautiful artist, a superb art teacher and a kind and gentle soul. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and creative soul with us. 

— Katherine

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What can I say? We had an amazing time in your studio! It exceeded our expectations! We can’t wait to come back to your studio. Your way of teaching and encouragement to students is fantastic. We loved, loved, loved the one-on-one time and your dedication to make your students happy. Your passion for creativity and colors is contagious. We hope to paint with you many more times in the future!

— Rebecca

About Mrs. Jasmin

Studio Owner Mrs. Jasmin

Mrs. Jasmin has been teaching art to children for over 9 years. Her love for children and her creativity inspired her to open Jasmin's Art Studio in 2014. Opening her own art studio has been her dream for many years while she was selling her own paintings.


Being an artist herself she draws, paints, explores and creates with her students with passion. She works extremely hard to help cultivate the inner artist in all her students who come to her art classes. She offers workshops, private classes, camps, and educational classes including supplemental homeschool lessons in order to inspire and enhance everyone's creative spark and spirit.


Make sure you don't miss out on any of the fun by joining her today. 

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